Thunderbolt Labs

Thunderbolt Labs builds data platforms for companies that compete with information. We bring together user-centered design, deep experience in data analysis, and the know-how required to move analytic systems from daring idea to practical production.

We have smart clients that have hard problems. We partner with them to
connect data.
alter industries.
forge solutions.
craft products.

  • Having a bunch of different data sources can be pretty nasty when they don’t play well together. We come in to organize and help you see the big picture, even when your data is all over the place.

  • Using machine learning and sophisticated computation techniques, we’ve created a platform that will change the way that traditional science will conduct research.

  • Our clients expect their products to stand up to all of the problems that appear when building technical solutions. The Thunderbolt team are leaders when it comes to testing and building software that won’t wake you out of bed at 3:30 in the morning.

  • We care about how software and technology can make people feel, along with how it can help them with their work and life. Projects that we build on don’t just work well, they engage people to change the way they do things.

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